Privacy Policy

Privacy policy – Personal data and cookies


As part of its commercial activity as publisher of daily newspapers and magazines on paper or digital media, and its derivative commercial activities, the Publishing Company of the World is required to process information concerning you. For example, by filling out a subscription form, by making a purchase on our online store, by contacting our Customer Service, by registering for an event that we organize, by participating in a competition, by browsing our websites. or our mobile and digital applications, by clicking on an advertising link that we present to you, you send us information, some of which is likely to identify you (“personal data”).

This Privacy Policy informs you of how we collect and process your personal data. We invite you to read it carefully.


We only use your personal data in the cases provided for by the regulations in force:

  • The performance of a contract that we have concluded with you, and / or
  • Compliance with a legal obligation, and / or
  • Your consent to the use of your data, and / or
  • The existence of a legitimate interest in using your data. Legitimate interest is a set of commercial or business reasons which justify the use of your data by the Société éditrice timeofnutra .

For the Société éditrice timeofnutra , this legitimate interest is mainly, in a context of changing media offer in France and around the world, to perpetuate the level of commercial income necessary to maintain its independence as a press organ, to finance the production of quality editorial content offered to its readers, to maintain the free availability of certain content on its sites and applications or the existence of subscription offers at preferential rates for certain categories of subscribers (students, school libraries , etc.).

We believe that this legitimate interest, of a commercial nature, is part of a larger framework for maintaining a free and independent press, an essential vector for freedom of expression and freedom of opinion in a democratic society.

By agreeing to receive marketing and advertising information from our publications and our partners, you help maintain the economic viability of our newspaper publisher activity.

In any event, your individual rights will always take precedence over our legitimate interest, and we will never use your data for commercial purposes against your will.

If you have any questions regarding this document, you can contact the Times of Nutra data protection officer.




3.1. The data you send us directly

During the various contacts we have with you, you may be required to provide us with information that concerns you. They are collected in particular when taking out a subscription, creating an account on our sites and applications, placing an order on our online stores, or to access any other offer or any other service.

These data are in particular:

  • Names, first names, civility, date of birth;
  • Postal address, e-mail address, telephone number;
  • Information necessary for the delivery or carrying of an ordered product;
  • Username and encrypted password used to identify you on our sites or applications;
  • Encrypted information relating to your means of payment (in particular bank card number);
  • Choice in commercial prospecting;
  • Any other information that you wish to bring to our attention.

3.2. The data we collect during our commercial relationship

The data that we collect during our commercial relationship with you include the following:

  • Information relating to the history of your commercial relationship with the Times Of Nutra  : subscriptions taken out, orders for products and services, invoicing and payment if applicable;
  • Your participation in promotional offers, contests or events;
  • Requests you have made to our customer service or incidents that you have reported to us, for example concerning the delivery of our products or the performance of our services;
  • Information concerning the purchases of products and services that you have made from our partners.

3.3. The data we collect automatically

During each of your visits to our sites and mobile applications, we collect information about your connection and your browsing. Different technologies can be used to collect this data. We refer to them generically as a “cookie”.

– Data collected through cookies

A cookie is a text file deposited when consulting a site, a mobile application or an online advertisement and stored in a specific space on the hard drive of your computer or your mobile device. Cookies are managed by your Internet browser or the mobile application you are using, and only the issuer of a cookie can decide to read or modify the information it contains.

A cookie has a limited period of validity. It is deposited and stored on your terminal in compliance with applicable legislation and subject to the choices you have expressed and which you can modify at any time, under the conditions specified in article 9 below.

A cookie does not identify you personally. It allows its transmitter to recognize your terminal and to collect a certain amount of information relating to the navigation carried out from this terminal.

Cookies have several functions, such as allowing you to navigate efficiently on a site or a mobile application, remember your choices, the goods and services you want to buy, and offer you relevant advertising content according to your areas of interest expressed during your navigation. You will find more information on cookies on the following sites: